A Foundational Layer for Cross‑chain Compatibility

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Clover is a Polkadot parachain, committed to providing easy‑to‑use blockchain infrastructure and creating a one‑stop EVM compatible framework for Substrate‑based applications.

What if...?
  • EVM compatibility to easily deploy Ethereum dApps on Polkadot and create trustless two‑way pegs between ERC20 and DOT‑based assets.

  • Identity fee‑based schedule identifies frequent dApp users and rewards them with lower gas fees.

  • Unique incentive structure creates passive income streams for contract developers.

  • Gasless transactions lowers the barrier by taking the transaction fee directly from the transacted asset.

Our partners

  • Advanca NetworkAdvanca Network
  • LitentryLitentry
  • BoringDAOBoringDAO
  • PolkadotPolkadot
  • MaticMatic
  • bithumbbithumb
  • HedgetHedget
  • substrate_substrate_