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A foundational
layer for cross-chain

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Simultaneously navigate and transact with major networks. All in one overview!

Clover introduction
01.Multi-chain connected wallet

With Clovers unique "always-on" multi-chain connected wallet, users are able to simultaneously connect with Web3js-based dapps and Polkadotjs-based dapps at the same time, and view their multi-chain assets.

02.All-in-one wallet extension

DeFi users can connect to Ethereum, Polkadot, Kusama, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, and Edgeware blockchains and seamlessly transact with the Clover wallet extension interface.

03.Clover-native CLV token

The Clover CLV token is cross-chain compatible as our unique 2-way peg bridge technology allows the EVM based Clover address and Polkadot based Clover address to be bounded together, allowing the utilization of all both chains together.

Clover's DNA
What if...

CLV Token

Opt-in Fees

Pay gas fee in CLV, or have the option to pay with any network token.


Lock CLV to elect council members and guide the development through on-chain governance.


Stake CLV to validate the network with your validator infrastructure.


Get your projects funded from the treasury.


Stake CLV to nominate your own node validator using a single-click deployment.


Use CLV to deploy your smart contracts and dApps on Clover.

Early Backers

Strategic Partners
Viven Kirby
Cofounder & Project Lead
Norelle Ng
Cofounder & Operation Lead
Burak Keçeli
Cofounder & Technical Lead
Mike Merritt
Marketing Lead